Dagoba Documentation

Welcome to the Dagoba documentation which will help guide through all aspects of using the tool to create and manage your website. This is split into sections for easier reading, starting with the basics and moving on to more advanced options, showing you all the tool has to offer. 


On the right side of this page, you will find a complete and detailed plan of all the informations about Dagoba this site has to offer. Check it out if you want to find something specific. 


Otherwise, we recommand you to go through every page one after another, or to consult the F.A.Q. for an easier first contact with the tool. (Getting Started section is under reconstruction)



Map of the Site




Design Settings


- Pages and Blocks

- Size and Unit

- Snippets

- Layout

- Zones

- Styles


Product Settings


- Product

- Product Collections

- Data Synchronization


Social Media Plugins


- Facebook Setup

- Google Setup

- LinkedIn Setup

- Social Share Buttons

- Twitter Share Button


Payment and Delivery Settings


- General payment options

- Adding a payment mean

- PayPal payments Setup

- Taxes

- Shipping Options

- Coupons

- Invoicing


Website Configuration


- Changing website URL

- Notifications Setup

- Setup


MailChimp Setup 


- Linking your MailChimp account

- Linking your MailChimp main list

- Synchronizing the e-mail addresses of the website users


Administrative accounts


- Create an admin account

- Login/logout website's back-end

- Modify/delete admin accounts




Manage Orders


- Search for a specific order

- See the details of an order

- Handle orders


Manage User


- Search for a specific user

- See and edit information of an user

- Shop for user


Using MailChimp


- Customizing the Dagoba e-mails

- Marketing campaigns via e-mails

- About sending e-mails in different languages

- About field data in MailChimp templates 




How to create a menu ?


1. How to add a new item to a menu

2. How to add a menu into a page

3. How to create a sub-menu

4. How to create and attribute styles to a menu

5. How to style the menu

6. How to style the menu item

7. How to style the sub-menu


How to add text into the website ?


How to add images into the website ?


1. Creating and adding images into image library

2. Adding image into website

3. Adding text/caption into an image

4. Creating an image slide show


How to embed GoogleMap into the website ?


1. How to activate GoogleMap in your website

2. How to embed GoogleMap into your website

3. How to attribute a style to GoogleMap block


How to add a contact form ?


1. How to create a Contact form

2. How to add a Contact form into page

3. How to add more fields into the Contact form

4. How to attribute style to a Contact form

4.1. Styling Contact form block

4.2. Styling Contact form

4.3. Styling button "Submit"



Special Cases



How to input manually a registration ?


How to refund partially a registration ?


How to create a class ?


How to add a class into a page ?